Welcome to our playground.

Welcome to our playground, as you can see, we are a beginning BDSM couple what want to find out about the adventures, of exploring the limits of our sexual quest. One of our quests on the list, is creating a nice website with good quality rated content. However, as we like to show our adventures on this website to others, we get the attention, that some feel spoken to, to message us about how it would be nice for us to have him or her or genderneutral(don't want to offend "those")... in a threesome... We are not searching for those messages in our mailbox or website/profiles. We hope you can understand, plus; will respect our wishes, and don't bother us with that. P.S. We are not searching for useless dickpics without even having shared wich dinner you had for the last 6 months... Hope we didn't scare you off, and that you are still here... if so, HAPPY FAPPING! HOAAH! News: 02-2020; Added 2 new albums to the gallery with pictures.

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As most of you people know, MissBehave & Lord, can be found on Xhamster.COM. Yet, not all our content will be posted on Xhamster.COM. With our Xhamster.COM profile we maintain friendships with people what like to add us, so that they stay posted about things happening around us two, and to post around 70% of our content to promote ourselfs on Xhamster.COM.

If you want to be sure, that you won't miss out on anything of MissBehave & Lord, bookmark this page and watch our Blog/Picture Gallery & Clip page on a weekly routine.

Happy fapping, from us.